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your charisma is simply contagious
my heart will always beat five times faster.
Kim Junsu 
1st-Jan-2009 05:40 pm
Kim Junsu

Junsu is so HANDSOME!! He also have a slim figure, and likes to be active. Junsu is really tall. I wish i can be married to him. Well acutally i wish i can marry all of DBSK. I love everything about him. haha WAH his voice is incredible.. He's multitalented haha because he sings, dance, plays soccer and piano, and he writes poetry, and plenty more. He's also smart. Junsu is PERFECTION. I cant explain him in any other way. AISH.!!!!

His looks are to die for and anyone would be happy to be with him. His character is so vibrant he can put a smile on me anytime i look at him. He's definetly number 2 on my list. When his eyes sparkles it triggers something inside of me and snaps out of my life and into this world which no one exist of, only DBSK AND I. When i think of Junsu or DBSK i really dont care about anything else. I would be in my own little world with them and on my own doing my own stuff, conquering my dreams and goals just like him.

Junsu's characteristics and his posture and how he acts with his strong CHARISMA.. thats what makes him my addition.

He has like this cool serious guy side, but has a great sense of humor on the other side. Junsu is very athletic and likes soccer, which is my favorite sport. He has the middle-high vocal part in the group. The group labels him as an innocent and bright boy. On the other hand, he makes a great amount of change on stage and performs with great CHARISMA. Junsu plays the piano well and is very poetic ------and write poems.. I want to learn how to play the piano, but i dont think i can because its hard. I love that he enjoys writing poems because its sweet and manly hehe...^_^

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