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your charisma is simply contagious
my heart will always beat five times faster.
my sleep!! 
10th-Jan-2009 11:33 am
WAHH!!!! Was that a great sleep. I finally got some rest and i mean great rest. I havent slept like this in years because of my busy life. *pshh yeah right busy life*  hehe.. i came home from school and then i was watching a movie and then i fell asleep while watching it. I slept for 19 hours straight. AND I DIDNT EVEN HESITATE TO GET MY LAZY ASS UP! Ahhh! im so happy i got some sleep. 

Now that i got some sleep, thankfully because of busy school, i can think and work on my ff..which is going to be hard because i havent even thought of what im going to write yet.!

Aish!!!!! i still have hw... stupid ass teachers!!!!! and the hw are useless to my life too!

Araso araso i'll get busy with my ff and some other stuff. Hopefully my readers will be statisfide of what i have written...!

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