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Personal, life 
27th-May-2009 10:02 pm
In this life time, I found out I'm more into my life??
What that means is I don't like for people to get "personal" with me. I just don't like for people to get into my life persay people i don't like or know. I don't know why, that's just always been the way I am. I know that might be called selfish or so, but it's like i live inside a dome with no boundary limits. But on the other side i do have people who i can get "personal" with. Meaning I let them into my life. Ok so my life right now is really small. It concludes down to my family, my social life, which is my friends and small part of it only.
And the internet. Really! That's all to it. This blog is just about people that i dont want in my life. I dont like talking to people about my life,
or my intrests. And i get really angry when people talk about the stuff in my life and intrests. I dont know why, Yes im selfish like that.
I only like to interact with people who has the same intrests as i do as on the internet; The Netizens.
The only one, people, i like to talk to about this is the people im comfortable with. And trust me its not a whole bunch of people, its small amount of people, 1-5 people.
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