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...And Summer Begins ^_^ 
4th-Jun-2009 08:40 pm
jaejoong smile
You dont even know how happy i am right now!
I was quite satisfide with todays result of an ending day. Today was my last of school and im super happy. The last day of school was sad and happy. I kissed everyone goodbye and said hello to summer!
Though im going to heavily miss my Foreign Class. I enjoyed that class dearly! I don't even want to think about next year either.

...And then... summer begins!!!!^^
Ahhh its going to be fun..
reading and writing and being on the computer 24/7. Yep im going to be doing that all summer. I want to get some sleep in my schedule and i really want to write.. i want to keep on continuing Amorous. Im proud that ive gone far with such and abstracted fiction.
Though summer might be a borh, im glad that i can relax and catch up in my reality.
i want it to be slow, warm, with a summer breeze, but i do want it to rain! i like the rain and if it rains i'll be more concentrated on writing.
haha araso..^^
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