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Amorous Chp. 7 
25th-Jun-2009 01:19 am
Chp. 7

    His tongue slipped out from her lips. She shuts her jaw tight, pushing the adroit tongue outward. She pushes him on the wall then onto the couch. Getting closer, pulling his shirt downward, grasping his waist. Going down to his pelvis, Junsu backs up to the other side of the couch. Trying to stop a rumble, he continues, but she also doesn’t seem to depart from it. Engaging into the act, he sucks on her lips while her, trying to pull it apart, but she seem to have difficulties detaching from him. He leeches onto him. Though as trying her all, she fails the duel. She pushed her body on him, her thighs growing upon him. He then lifted her shirt up touching her back neck, pushing in her face, she departs herself. Letting go as if the ocean has drifted them away. She pushed him off of him, trying to get a hold of herself. Then he held him self against the door way wall.

“Junsu ah?” She walks toward him, climbing among him again. He pushed her off.
“Aniyo, we shouldn’t be doing this. I…. I shouldn’t be doing this. Then she stops. “Yea, your right we should stop.” Her voice trembled.
“Aniyo, I have to go.” He hurried. “Mihanye.”

They gave each other a blank stare, then their looks became addle.
He walked out the door. The rushing waves came pounding in washing the insides of him, drowning him in his own actions, his own thoughts and feelings. Feeling guilty of what he just did, he washed up to shore. He got in his car and drove off. Junsu held his breath in, while driving he ponders about his wretched past.

A man re encounter with the past again. Junsu drove past the city wondering how he was going to cope with his problem. He knew that he wasn’t supposed to be doing this. His view darkened. He slammed the breaks. He cried through the night. He shouted with intensity. He stared out his window at the front door. The tears filled his eyes as if being guilty of a crime. Being possessed into a different person, his body took control of his brain. He parked by the side of his apartment, he lowered his head and vanished in his car. Just as it reached midnight, a crazed man feel asleep. A car rises up in front of Junsu's car. Loud, exhausting groans came from it.
"I...i call showers!", Jaejoong stumbled getting out of the car.
"Go ahead were all going to sleep."
"Whey, you guys need showers."
"No you do, You threw up all over you suit Jaejoong." Yoochun added. "Jae... Jaejoong! Aigoo."
Jaejoong tripped on the stairs.
"Ahh Yoochun why are you shouting?" "Ha, araso you take Jae in then. I’m going to sleep. Changmin looked at Yoochun going inside the apartment. "Yah, yah. Yah. JAEJOONG get up!" He threw Jaejoong over his shoulders, then collapsed on the ground. " Aigoo. Jaejoong?" Jae jerked his head half way around, “what?”
"Hyung, can you bring Jaejoong in. Please, i need to change my clothes?"
Yunho smirked, "araso.”

When going inside the house Yunho notice Junsu's car parked in back of them. He walked backed and peeked in the window. There laid a man distressed in a coma.
Yunho opened the  door with a gentle touch, trying not to disturb Junsu. Then he jumped mildly; turned his head slowly, raised up to slightly wipe away his drool. Yunho starred helplessly at him.

“Wow, this guy is dead asleep.” Yunho stood over him carefully placed his hands on the center of  the steering wheels, sliding his hands under the side of Junsu’s cheeks and tried fixing his head into a more comfortable position.
 Junsu lifed his head instantaneously. His upper head bumped Yunho’s chin.
“Aigoo.” Yunho hissed.
The two confused men looked at each other and exhaled with a relief.
“You almost killed me Yunho.”
“Wah? I didn’t do anything. All I was trying to do was try to put your head into a better position so your neck won’t hurt in the morning.”
“WHAT?! So you were going to leave me out here? How can you be so cruel sunbae.”
Yunho grinned with a dark smile. “No I would never do that.”
“Anyways you did scare the hell out of me though. So why are you home? Its still early. How come you came home so early? He questioned.
The handsome leader then sighed and shook his head. “ Su ah, its 3:43 A.M. right now. Where did you go since you didn’t come to the party with us huh?”
Junsu paid his attention forward at was mute.
“Su ah, did you go see her again? Whey? You know your not supposed to go see her. It’s a bad thing to do.”
The tears from his eyes began to fall slowly, one by one. He turned his head so that Yunho wouldn’t see. He held his head and covered his eyes. With a slow motion the tears descended. He shook his head with agreement.
“ I know, I know. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t resist.”
“ Is that it? That’s all, because you couldn’t resist it? Junsu tell me the truth why did you even go to her?”
Junsu starred passed Yunho and out the window, way beyond him. He gave a morose look and opened his mouth.
“I made her mad. I don’t really know how to tell you this, but…. I, I mean I didn’t want to go to Hyo Joo’s apartment, but I had to. Its not only way. You know that sunbae.”
Yunho smirked. “Ha. Junsu you cant just go over to her apartment whenever you want her. You cant sleep with her whenever you feel like it or whenever you in love with someone else. If that someone you fallen for isn’t working out you cant go to Hyo Joo for the answers!” Yunho heavily breathed.

“I didn’t sleep with her.” Junsu barks out in almost a whisper. He stood up straight then leaned against the head rest.

“Mihanye.” Junsu angrily kicked the brakes.
“So you admit. You knew that if you went over to her place that this was going to happen? Junsu ah do you like Riin?” He silently waited for an answer.
“Junsu drew his head towards Yunhos face and huskily answered, “yes..”
It was then 4 A.M. The guys stood up late talking about heir lives that had too them so far into success. The only one that was asleep was Junsu.
“So you were talking to Junsu earlier?” Jaejoong asked.
Yunho looked, “yes” then took a sip of his beverage.
Yoochun turned heads. “Was he with her?”
Yunho diligently shook his head with out a care.
“So he has fallen in love with her. Yeah well of course Junsu has feelings for Riin. Surprise there right?” Jaejoong whispered to himself but loud enough to let them hear it.
“What? Haha Riin? No way guys really?” Changmin laughed.
Everyone was quite and shook there heads up and down. Yunho looked at Jaejoong and noticed that Jaejoong seemed to be out of the conversation. He looked choleric, disport, and emotionless.

There was this stimulus in him. This atrocious act of him was caused by that stimulus of him. Every time it provoke he would have an act of invidious behavior. It changes him; Junsu. A whole new persona of him. He is a sensitive guy who has deliberately fallen in love with someone.

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