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Write alone in the dark morning 
8th-Jul-2009 04:52 am
jae dark
Currently its 4:45 am and im up doing my summer work. But im super distracted from the net!!
I mean i go to yahoo and read my horoscope and spend an hour on it. And then i traveled to youtube and found a really talented asian guy singing Michael Jackson's "The way you make me feel." I mean that was pure talent!

Its a dilatory week, but then again its pretty hectic. I have a lot of writing to do and im falling behind. And then im lost in confusion.
Im coveting for more phantasm and i have desicions to make. I need for judy to come up here to where im at so we'll be able to make the desicion together. She knows what im talking about. RIght now im really calm and desolate. Why am i so lazy, i mean i feel like doing absolutely nothing.
Theres no energy in me. I need a stimulant to get me going. I wanna write. I think im going to go write. I need to write Amorous and Midnight Mourn. If i write i'll probably feel better.  Ok i have to write chapter 8 for Amorous and then chapter 3 for Midnight Mourn.
Midnight Mourn is a new joint ff im working on with Judy and its hopefully getting somewhere. Where in the progress of posting it up on soompi, but first we want to make sure we have everything.
Why am i writing my ffs when i need to write my essays??!!! AISH!!! I need to come back to reality!!
But i willlll eventually. I need a congenial place for me to write. well right here where i am at is alright. Im isolated from the creatures around me and im sitting here alone with this laptop and a couch and a cup of orange juice. So get writing daffney.!!
Now im going to write!
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