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your charisma is simply contagious
my heart will always beat five times faster.
My OutbreakPoint!.. 
12th-Apr-2009 12:47 am
junsu icon

In what word can I describe myself right now?
Seriously I’ve cried through out the week….. and it’s a week where I actually have time..... time to think and figure things out.

"The requiem for the darkness decades from within me to kill this vein of mine, for it to break out through my vital wounds. This infecting virus the spreads and spreads and travels in my body.  Its trying to get to my soul. It goes in and out of my heart, throbbing to stop the last beat. It’ll eventually end and with that I will eventually end. When I do I can stop feeling this angst pain I had throughout my life that I have hidden so well, so well that I didn’t even know I had it. It can go away, it will go away!"


That of so only being the current mood im in right now only!..
Im usually never like this! i mean NEVER!


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